Glass Condom Former & Finger Cot Former

Glass Condom Former & Finger Cot Former

Since our inception in the manufacture of laboratory glassware 35 years ago, our manufacturing subsidiary Perniagaan Laborglas Technik excitedly into making Glass condom moulds and Finger Cot moulds to meet the demand for the flourishing condom industries in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan and Indonesia.

Manual and Semi-automated glass lathes are used for the production of glass moulds using heat resistant borosilicate glass form Schott Duran Germany.

We employ special techniques to produce dots and ribs on the glass moulds and consistently achieving high quality glass products, thus allowing us to be competitive supplying glass moulds to world renowned condom manufacturers.


1. Smooth Former
2. Probe Cover
3. Flared Former
4. Big Head Former
5. Dotted Former
6. Ribbed Former
7. Dotted Contoured Former
8. 3 in 1 Former
9. Special Former
10. Special Former
11. Special Former

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