Ease of use
Automatically lock reading when a stable reading is established.
Feature can be disabled to allow continuous reading display.
Automatic shut-off
Meter automatically shuts off after 5 minutes after last key command. Feature can be disabled while reading in continuous read mode.
One-touch calibration
The meter’s one-touch auto-calibration procedure uses only one button to activate the mode.
The unit will prompt and confirm offset and slope point calibration.



  pH mV Temperature
Range: 0 to 14 pH ± 999 mV 0 to 100°C
Display Resolution: 0.01 pH  1 mV 0.1°C
Accuracy (machine only): ± 0.01 pH ± 1 mV ± 0.5°C
Temperature compensation: Automatic or manual from 0 to 100°C
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Operating humidity: Maximum 90% relative humidity
Slope recognition: ± 20% at pH 4 and pH 10
Offset recognition: ± 60 mV at pH 7
Input impedance 10¹² ohms
Battery type: DC9V (1604A, 6LF22 or equivalent)
Battery life: Approximately 200 hours
Size: 164 x 83 x 35mm
Weight: 350gm (main unit including battery)


Order Code Standard Accessories
WalkLAB Microprocessor pH Meter TI9000 1. Main instruments
2. PE03 - Epoxy body combination pH electrode
3. TP200 -pH microprocessor temperature probe (Stainless steel)
4. 7010 - Buffer solution pH7.00 90ml
5. 4010 - Buffer solution pH4.01 90ml
6. Carrying case
7. Operation manual


Order Code Optional Accessories
PE03 Epoxy body combination pH electrode
ORP106 Epoxy body combination ORP platinum electrode
TP200 pH microprocessor temperature probe
7010 Buffer solution pH7.00 90ml
4010 Buffer solution pH4.01 90ml
1010 Buffer solution pH10.01 90ml

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WalkLAB Microprocessor pH meter