Our Vision


PLT Scientific has an ambition to be a total solution provider of products and services for most scientific endeavours and laboratory glassware. A tall order indeed but, given time, we believe it is achievable. Working towards that end, we first embark on making PLT Scientific a ‘one-stop’ centre for all scientific products. Efforts being made now include acquiring more distributorship to enable us to have a well-diversified range of products. To realize this, our managing director regularly travels overseas looking for new and innovative products and visiting potential principals. Major trade shows such as Achema (Germany), Analytica (Germany) and the Pitt’s Conference (USA) are definitely on his itinerary.

On the international arena, PLT Scientific aspires to make its presence felt in as many countries as possible but for the moment our business development plan is to set up affiliates in neighbouring South East Asian countries and we already have one in Thailand for a start.

To bring the level of management and administration of our organization to internationally recognized standards, moving our company towards ISO certification is also on our agenda.