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PLT Scientific Sdn Bhd is a leading supplier of science equipment in Malaysia offering products ranging from state-of-the-art analytical instruments to basic laboratory glassware. It is registered with the Ministry of Finance as a contract supplier of medical disposable ware, laboratory chemicals and laboratory equipment, under the registration reference no. K.KEW/K&B/D/02/494/357-035912.

Headquartered in Puchong on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, PLT Scientific is strategically located to serve its customers due to its easy access to the various business-friendly infrastructures already in place. Success on the local front had spurred its foray into other markets in the region with the founding of an affiliated company in Thailand in 2003 as the first step. Another affiliated company was established in Indonesia in 2010.

PLT Scientific distributes accredited products from world-renowned manufacturers. It has been granted exclusive distribution rights to a diverse range of products by its principals who have been convinced of its virtue and potential.

Our strong base of long-term customers built up over the years speaks for the standard of our customer service and the rapport we have with our satisfied customers. Our clientele includes government agencies, universities and colleges, food and beverage manufacturing companies, hospitals, environmental institutions, biotechnology firms, testing and analytical laboratories etc. Thanks to the support of our happy customers, PLT Scientific has been enjoying almost three decades of active presence in the scientific market since its nascency as Pioneer Glassworks, a company which, as the name implies, is the pioneer in scientific glassblowing on a commercial scale in Malaysia. Pioneer Glassworks later became known as Perniagaan Laborglas Technik which now exists as the manufacturing arm of PLT Scientific producing interchangeable laboratory glassware, water distillers, hotplates and magnetic stirrers. Today these products can be found in laboratories in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Mauritius and Australia. In 2010, Perniagaan Laborglas Technik became the first in Asia to produce conformity certified volumetric glassware (full range) with the state-of-the-art calibration equipment from Germany.

To expand our manufacturing capacity, a plant was set up in China in 2003 covering an area of 42,500 sq. ft and employing 50 people to make interchangeable laboratory glassware and glassbased-scientific apparatus.

As our business expansion called for more work space, a new building was constructed in the vicinity of our first office building in Puchong. Business operation started in 2011 at the new office building which now serves as our business headquarters, while the former office building is utilized for our production activities.

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